Does the Hotel really matter when traveling?

Hotels do they really matter? Or can you just stay anywhere?

boscolo prague
Boscolo Prague

When choosing a hotel does it matter what type or is pricing the only consideration? My thought is yes, yes it indeed does matter. It definitely is important when you are looking for a distinctive type of travel. Now the question then becomes does loyalty become a consideration over your distinctive hotel choice.

Saint Ermins 1
St Ermin’s London great location
st ermines
St. Ermin’s London

Your style of travel is important for you. What do you prefer? Are there certain hotels you enjoy staying with during your travels? Travel with Style and Grace has some loyalty to certain brands. If I can see the value of staying at a certain brand, I will stick with them.

As a member of Marriot rewards breakfast or the concierge lounge comes with being a loyal Gold member. This means I do not pay for breakfast at some of the properties I may stay. Where this really can make a difference is in Europe where breakfast might be at a higher cost than United States. So staying at a brand I am loyalty provides a financial benefit for being a member.

The biggest value is the extra touches the hotel might go the extra mile in showing their appreciation. This does not have to be anything big it is the smallest touches that make my stay enjoyable. I spoke about this when I stayed at the St. Ermin’s in London.
Location is something I cannot say enough about when looking at hotel choices. The importance of location for a hotel should never be left to mere chance. If you have only a day or two in a certain area wasting time going in and out of the city to save on hotel cost is not worth it. You have wasted all that time traveling to and from the city, museums, restaurants, and sites you wanted to see. Staying in the city center usually cost a little bit more but I am not 20 and on a budget in college. I am over 50 and prefer a distinctive style of travel.

St Ermins gift
A thank you from St. Ermin’s London

I love the look and style of a hotel. This year I am focusing on Classic looks so you will see me traveling in a number of Boscolo Hotels in Europe. I love the classic look and it fits well with my desire to “Experience” my travels. I also love the upscale design of the Intercontinental Hotel brand and I will be visiting them again later this year. I had been an avid Marriott proponent until I had the pleasure of staying with Intercontinental in Vietnam. The Intercontinental tag line is “experience a world of luxury” and they do not disappoint. It was spectacular and the room was incredible. I am looking forward to experiencing the Intercontinental again in Budapest right before our Avalon Waterways river cruise on the Danube.

Intercontinental Budapest

So when traveling does the hotel really matter, for those who desire a distinctive style of travel I would have to say yes. Loyalty on the other hand unless you reach the upper echelons perhaps not. Unless you can find value in being loyal to one brand.
To Travel with Grace and Style is to enjoy not only the destination but also the experience itself. Travel is truly and experience that is indeed the only thing that can make your richer.

st ermines twt

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Does a hotel matter when traveling
Does a Hotel Really Matter when traveling?


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