How to transition your wardrobe into Spring


It’s 9 am and starting to warm up for the day, at 10:30 the sun is shining and it looks to be a beautiful day.   As I sit down to have my lunch at noon it’s starting to get over cast and the temperature has started to drop.  It’s 2:30 and now it has gone from nice and warm to a drop of about 15 degrees and is completely cloudy.  I am putting on my winter boots to go outside and head to the store as well as my coat because now it’s snowing

week one February attire 1

Spring in many areas not only in SW Colorado can be unpredictable.   This can happen also in some of the countries I like to travel to. So, how do you plan for this?  How do you transition into Spring when you are faced with a 15 to 30 degree weather change in a matter of hours?



Awe life in the Southwest, Midwest, North East, and a lot of places in between.  It makes it a challenge for fashion and for those trying to plan out your outfit for the days.  I personally enjoy layers.  You can start with or even end with layers.  Your day could begin with a nice cardigan, then transitions into just your blouse and for the afternoon it could be right back on.


It’s all about planning, and coordinating.  For spring I dress in layers that can be put on or taken off as the weather changes during the day.

As spring approaches I also like to add back in some pop’s of color I might not have used during the winter.  My winter colors tend to be blacks, reds, greys, browns, and variations of the above.   I also like winter whites.  I tend to stay away from pastels in the winter in the southwest as temps drop my colors start changing.   As the arrival of spring approaches my pastels start to come back.


Everyone has a different style this just tends to be mine.  I tend to use jeans a little more and pair it with a jean jacket or your casual military style jacket.  I love the casual look these pieces create.   I am not 20 any longer but I am also not 50 and frumpy.  I enjoy youthful pairings that create the look and style I am going for.

If you like the style feel free to order them through my page.  I have created these looks using Pinterest items I like.  I mix and match to pair them for an over 50 women who is no longer a size 5 but still wants to look good.  I like to repurpose my wardrobe also so that I can wear something many different ways.  I will sometimes make an outfit out of one skirt 5-10 different ways.  Capsule wardrobe style is what my goal is when I purchase an item to wear.  How many different ways can I use it?

So my tips for a spring transition in a challenging environment are layers, color, capsule, and youthful style.    These create an amazing spring wardrobe you can use anywhere.   So go out and plan your own spring wardrobe and I would love for you to use some of my selections.

So I hope you enjoyed my suggestions and send me a note if you like.  Please follow me on Instagram for my style choices for the week.


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