A Journey of Grace through dryness

March 8, 2018


doors italy
Sometimes we just need to walk through the doors

My journey through my own faith has been one of ups and downs and high’s and low’s.  Yet, it’s been one of steadfast trust.  This has been especially true for the last 15 years.    I can’t say I am this amazing Christian as I fail each and everyday.  I can’t say I am this Holy person because I struggle each and everyday.  I can’t say I make all my decisions based on faith because I fail each and everyday.  I guess I fail quiet a lot.   It’s funny though because even through the failure I am a success!  Because each day I wake up and start anew and say here I am Lord ready to start again.

Carrying my own cross
We all have a cross we carry

So after the loss of my daughter to suicide my faith changed.  It seemed to be a slow gradual change from on fire to a slow ember.  Lately I would say for the past few years now it’s been dry.  I have not read Mother Teresa’s book but I am betting I could relate to her dryness.  My dryness has been a struggle and I tend to just go about my day with no focus on my faith.  Not really on prayer in a formal way or thought.  My thoughts are pretty random and my prayer is too.

Candles 4 B 2018
Candles for B Aruba

So for Lent and I am a late start I decided to get back to the basics.  So I am using Matthew Kelly’s Rediscover Jesus.  Its seems like perhaps I lost my fire and I need to Rediscover Jesus anew.  So I am on day four right now and reading who is Jesus?  Who did Jesus claim to be?  I love how Kelly explains how you really can never escape the question you will answer it for yourself sooner or later.  Kelly then goes to when in Caesarea Philippi Jesus was walking and asked the disciples “Who do people say that I am” and then “BUT, who do you say that I am?”

Church in Asia
Ho Chi Minh City Vietnam

Today my meditation is who do I say that Jesus is?  My prayer is Kelly’s from his book “Jesus, teach me to never stop seeking you.  Help me to seek you in every relationship, place, and situation.”

Candles 4 B Italy
Candles for B St Catherine’s Church Italy


Candles 4 B Ireland
Candles for B Ho Chi Minh City Vietnam

I would love to have you join me as I take a journey through Grace and follow me please on my blog and Instagram, Twitter, Facebook so you don’t miss anything.  If you would like to order Matthew Kelly’s book Rediscover JesusSELRES_e27ad63e-4e36-4ffa-9540-46ec6cddd0c0SELRES_564c7aba-5fff-4061-a0f2-ab69ae170fc3SELRES_d2f2fb38-45d2-45fe-bd02-0b699ebfab69SELRES_6d7f3899-b704-46ea-bc6b-4eff7b251531SELRES_6d7f3899-b704-46ea-bc6b-4eff7b251531SELRES_d2f2fb38-45d2-45fe-bd02-0b699ebfab69SELRES_564c7aba-5fff-4061-a0f2-ab69ae170fc3SELRES_e27ad63e-4e36-4ffa-9540-46ec6cddd0 I have the link to it on Amazon and I will get credit for it.  This helps me support my blogging platform.  Please I would love to hear from you also.  Do you need to rediscover Jesus?


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