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There is an incredible piece of history right in the heart of London filled with everything I enjoy in a hotel.    As you walk into St. Ermin’s Hotel its hard not to notice its filled with grace and beauty.  It’s truly a better way to travel.   Restored to grandeur reflecting Art Nouveau and Rococo style.  You will enjoy its completely manicured courtyard and be filled with a sense of awe when you see the warm night glow when evening descends.St. Ermins Hotel

St. Ermin’s is listed as one of Marriott’s Autograph Collections and completely unique in style.  Situated close to everything you want to see in London Buckingham Palace, Parliament, the London Eye these are within walking distance of the hotel.


When we arrived being a Gold member we were greeted with a wonderful little gift in our room.  The note from the staff was hand written and a nice complement from a beautiful hotel.  A little water, something sweet and a kind note are those special little touches I enjoy when traveling.

St Ermins gift

Travel is not only the destination but the experience of the destination.  These are the little things I enjoy and look for when traveling.  Special moments and gestures to make your stay feel a little special and very welcomed.


We travel to experience and I enjoy a distinct type of travel.  The style that is not hindered by the responsibilities of youth but blessed by the freedom of being over 50.    Its a different time in life and requires in my humble opinion a different style of travel.  Comfort becomes more of an issue then cost at this time.  You have a little more disposable income and the way you choose to use it is different for everyone.  I enjoy a nice hotel in the heart of the city.  It creates the experiences I had only dreamed about.


Staying at St. Ermin’s fulfilled all of my checklist for everything I enjoy in a great hotel.  It was during the Christmas season we were traveling.  So, we were able to enjoy London with less visitors.  We were able to see many of the things London has to experience because of our perfect location.  Within walking distance of a few pubs.  The Thames River is about a 5 minute walk, Westminster Abby is less than a half of a mile and the Tower of London is about 3 miles.  We hopped on the water taxi’s several times during our stay and also used public transit from the area.  Everything was so easy because of the hotel’s great location.


One of the things I would not miss while staying at St. Ermin’s is afternoon tea.   I can’t think of a better way to spoil yourself.   St. Ermin’s library and Tea Lounge offer a perfect afternoon filed with delectable bites.  After all Travel with Grace and Style is what it is all about.


We enjoyed our stay at St. Ermin’s and traveled during December and enjoyed the beautiful elegance of the Christmas season at the hotel.

st erminesSt Ermin’s is a superb choice when in London for Travel with Grace and Style clientele.  Please contact us to book your stay or use our travel booking site.  Follow us on Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest for Travel with Grace and Style a better way to travel.



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