Packing for Europe for a fashionista over 50


April in Europe and 5 countries creates a bit of a challenge for an over 50 travel with grace and style woman.  The changing weather is enough of an issue without even thinking about the style changes in the various countries.   The challenges of a over 50 travel with a distinctive style woman are real……


What is a gal to do?  Capsule is what I am thinking for a Spring trip to Europe.  No carry on this time we are traveling a little longer and making a significant amount of changes and different tours and styles.  We are going from a visit with friends in Belgium to hopefully military lodging in Ramstein, Germany.  We are then off to the Boscolo Prague for my 56 birthday, and will head to Budapest for our Avalon Waterways back to back for a total of 9 days on the Danube.  Whew I think I am exhausted just thinking about it.  Good thing I had a good travel planner.  (a smile emoji fits well here)


So we will be in Europe close to 3 weeks and we are moving quite a bit and often.  So that means I will be taking a larger suitcase but not crazy suitcase.  I still need to be mobile and it still needs to be able to function as I move from planes, trains, and automobiles.


So  I will be using the Samsonite Omni PC 24″ Spinner Radiant Pink One Size I picked up from Amazon.  It’s a little larger then the standard carryon and not as large as a full size.  I will have a small tote that I can set on top of the Samsonite and it makes it easy for on and off and moving.

For my electronics I really need a little more than most because I work with them and need to have access to be able to work while I travel.  I am using the BAGSMART Double-layer Travel Cable Organizer Electronics Accessories Cases for cables, iphone, kindle charge, camera charger, macbook charger, Blue.  This works great for me and everything is in one spot.

bag organizer
What works for me for a little less makeup as I do not want  to be hauling a huge amount.   BUT I still want to look fabulous and so  I will carry basic Younique Epic Mascara and now that I have been using the lash serum it seems I need a little less makeup.  I will also take a little eye shadow and this is what I am using now and some eyeliner for the evenings.  That is about it.

No Makeup

So for my face I really am loving the Rodan Fields brightening complex I am using at the moment.  I am on the first month but after a week I notice a little brighter complexion.  As we age sometimes our skin tends to get a little dull and this seems to bring the perk back in.  I will be transitioning to the refining and aging formula as soon as I finish this.  I will also be doing a before and after on the whole line.  So if you need any information on this line send me an email and I can help you.  Or go to the link above it’s from a friend of mine who actually set me up with my current program

Outfit 1
Great casual style

So I have somewhat decided on some of the pieces and styles I will be wearing.  Shop my style for Boots TOETOS Women’s Chicago Chunky Heel Ankle Booties Tee Vetemin Womens Casual Solid Comfy Soft Basic Fit Short Sleeve V Neck T Shirt Tee Jacket MBJ Womens Faux Leather Zip Up Moto Biker Jacket With Stitching DetaiL Jeans Levi’s Women’s 721 High Rise Skinny Jeans

So here is how I created different outfits from the same base.  I added different sweaters, boots, and scarf’s but the same pants and top.  It’s really great for travel and definitely great on the budget.

So as you can see I will be using the same pair of black jeans and regular jeans for these outfits.  For the white top again I will be using the same one for all 3 outfits.  I am mixing and matching the scarf’s to give me a different look.


For my accessories I have the

Pink Scarf  GERINLY Lightweight Shawl Wrap: Womens Pastel Flowers Print Scarves (Blue)
Blue Scarf  Elegant Bohemian Paisley Floral Tribal Aztec Print Frayed Edge Scarf Wrap, Blue

This is how I start to plan for my trip and the outfits I will most likely be wearing for spring. My final packing list I will post on a later blog for you.

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Ciao and Blessings,

Teresa @ Travel with Grace and Style


When you shop my clothing links I do get a little bit of compensation which is how I pay for my blog. When you shop my Younique links none of the proceeds benefit me. If you shop the Rodan Fields it’s a friend of mine who kept asking me to try it and so I purchased from her what I am using.

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