Packing for Europe Capsule Wardrobe style

So Spring in Europe can be difficult to pack for as the weather is ever changing especially if you are going across the continent as we were in April.  We will be visiting various countries all with different styles.   We will also be traveling by train, air, river and private car.  Talk about changing conditions.  So what is an over 50 fashionista to do?  In one word Capsule!

Audrey Hep 2

So because the weather can be hot and cold at the same time during the same trip it’s important to take things that you can coordinate.  Layers again I can’t say enough about layers.  I will usually try and choose a basic color black, and another color to go with it and then throw in pops of color here and there to pick up the look.

Stripped T and Black and white

I enjoy comfortable clothes when traveling but stylish ones too.  You won’t catch me touring in sweats or exercise clothes.  Nothing wrong if that is your thing but I am not a sweats or jogging suit touring kind of gal.

Classic Black Skirt and Jean Jacket

Shoes are important they have to be comfortable and stylish too.  Usually not tennis shoes for me unless they are a cute pair of pink converse or a great little pair of adidas Women’s Cloudfoam Advantage Clean Sneakers.


Comfort is definitely what I am going for because we tend to walk a lot throughout the various cities.  It has to appeal not only to my comfort but my style.  I find these fit both.  If you like them click the link they are definitely comfortable and I would love you to support me through purchasing through my links.   So for my next pair that I absolutely adore are these BareTraps Women’s Tiffany Sandal.  If you are looking for comfort this is it.  You can walk miles in them!  As you know if you follow me I walk miles on a Europe Trip.


Basic long white T with black jeans and boots scarf for accent

It’s challenging because the weather from city to city as well as the style can be different.  So I decided on a basic capsule with a few things to change around I took my inspiration from this basic style.  I mixed and matched everything around it and through in some extras just in case.

Audry Hepburn

My trip was a success and my wardrobe well my plan was a success.  The weather on the other hand was incredible and if I had been ready for the middle of the summer I would have been great.  It was the hottest days on record in some places so all the items I planned including the sweaters that you needed the week before were no longer needed at 80 plus degrees.

spring in europe 2

So what’s a girl to do but go shopping!  So I took it in stride and picked up a cute little dress in one of the local markets.  It was a light weight summer outfit and I managed to wear it a couple of ways so it worked out perfectly.  Of course matching it with my versatile jean jacket for the early morning when it was cooler and a great little scarf that can go with just about anything.

spring in europe 3

I managed to get a couple of the warmer items I had brought with me a whirl too.  All and all a great trip and as usual weather for spring across the board.  Always be prepared gals!  If you didn’t bring it buy it.  (smiling deviously)

Spring in Europe

It was an amazing trip!  We were gone almost 3 weeks and all in all everything went well.  If you have any questions on our tours, trips, and cruises please email or call me.  As always to follow me on any of my social media just click the links and hit follow and or friend.  Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest.

If you would like me to help you plan your travel experience please just send me and email and or note here.  I would love to hear from you.

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