Perfect way to see Budapest



Budapest Hotel (2)
Outdoor View from Intercontinental Hotel Budapest

The Intercontinental Budapest is a perfect way to see Budapest.  It’s location alone places you in the heart of the city above the river.  A river view is a choice for your rooms and it is definitely the way to go.



Budapest River View Window
Now this is a room with a view.  I wish I would have taken a better shot


The Intercontinental is located just steps from the Danube River and it over looks Budapest Chain Bridge.  The vantage point gives you access to all the amazing sites Budapest has to offer.  Just sitting in the lobby gives you the iconic view of Budapest Castle in all it’s majesty.


Budapest Lounge View
How about a morning cup of coffee sitting here in Budapest


Exit the hotel and walk down and you find the parking spot of Viking River Cruises making it a fantastic property to stay if you happened to be on a river cruise.   Why wouldn’t you be on a River Cruise in this amazing destination?


Budapest river walk in front of hotel (2)
How about drinks in the outdoor lounge with this view


The area around the Intercontinental makes it easy to walk and visit many of the sites that Budapest has to offer.  One of the reasons I prefer to stay in the city center is the location of everything and this hotel does not disappoint.   Set in the heart of Budapest and on the bank of the Danube river with a view, this hotel will hit all your senses and emotions.


Budapest Hotel (2)
Budapest view from the Intercontinental Hotel


Unfortunately two days in Budapest did not allow me time to visit the spa and sample any of the services they provide.  The property itself does have a spa style pool, sauna, and a steam room giving you free access during your stay.


Budapest Hotel Bar
Intercontinental Hotel Budapest


The only negative I really noticed is the pour amount on the alcohol.  I always enjoy a nice cocktail in the cities I visit as there is nothing like sitting in the lounge somewhere like Budapest as you sip a glass of wine and just enjoy the ambiance.  So for my only negative if you would even call it that.   It’s stringent and I mean stringent liquor pour.   I am not sure the pour ounce on a glass of wine but I am guessing it is 3-4 ounces which is about a couple of sips. I felt like I was at a tasting.   I would say if you think you like a nice glass or perhaps two or three glasses of wine a bottle is definitely a better choice.  You can always take it up to your room and partake later.  I found the liquor pour to be just about the same extremely stringent.


Budapest Hotel Lobby
Walking around the lobby at the Intercontinental Budapest


The front desk staff was wonderful and made check in and out painless.   The concierge were helpful and pleasant and went a step beyond to help you.  The wait staff in the lounge and the restaurant were on par for this area of Europe.  Meaning nothing to write home about.  I did not notice them to be on the same level as the bell stand, or front of the house services.  It would never deter me from the hotel it just appears to be the state of the restaurant service in these areas of the countries.

administration ancient architecture budapest
Photo by Pixabay

We opted for the hop on and off pass in Budapest and keep in mind that when they say 24 hours that is what they mean for pricing.  When we purchased ours we only needed 24 hours but we assumed that we needed two days because we would be using different days.  The ticket starts the moment you get on your first bus stop.  It’s a great way to see the city and you can even just ride to hear the narrative of the stops.

bus cable car city downtown
Photo by Dom J
city landscape water building
Photo by

So for a great stay in Budapest the Intercontinental is a perfect choice for a city center hotel along the banks of the Danube.  Pay the extra and get the river view it is worth the iconic view of the city.  Some hotels I would say you can skip it but this is not one of them.  So for the perfect way to see Budapest the Intercontinental hotel should be at the top of your list.  As always follow me here and on Instagram Facebook and if you would like help booking any of the places I see or would like to plan a trip please and I would love to help you.   I design travel experiences.





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