What is this river cruising everyone is talking about?


The Art of Luxury River Cruising


Travel with style and grace while river cruising.  Your every need is catered to.   Someone is there to prepare meals.  Do you want to see an iconic city?  What about your own guide?  Do you enjoy a pre dinner cocktail?  With river cruising there is a bartender to prepare it for you.  You are taken care of from the moment you step on board until you depart.  Truly, it is the art of luxury and a very distinctive style of travel.

Setting this distinctive form of travel far about others.  Its often referred to as luxury and once you sail on a river cruise you will understand why.


What is river cruising

If you have not been on a river cruise you are definitely missing a classic style of travel.  It is similar to floating luxury.  River cruising is a style of travel that incorporates rivers into the itinerary.   It’s focused on different rivers throughout the world and in the United States.




You are able to enjoy your travel experience while gliding down one of the worlds rivers.  You are able to watch history as you cruise down the Rhine.  You can experience century old temples as you make your way down the Mekong.  Your hotel is with you as you travel.  No need to pack and unpack.




There are as many different styles for river cruising and as well as brands to fit everyone’s budget and distinctive travel style.  From sleek minimalistic Viking, to Unique Boutique Uniworld there is a style for every traveler.  One thing they all have in common is the ability to see a multitude of places as you glide down one of the world’s rivers.  It’s definitely a Travel with Grace and Style preferred method.




Destinations are only limited by rivers.  If there is a river to be navigated there is a cruise.  From the Mekong Delta in Asia, to the Snake River in Oregon and your classic Rhine.


The Gunny and the Grandma
Cambodia Ankor Watt


The moments you experience on a river cruise are nothing like an ocean cruise.  River Cruising on Avalon we were able to stop on the side of the riverbank and visit a village in Cambodia.  We were able to float along side a vendor selling his wares off his boat at one of the local fish markets.  We visited a floating fishery and learned about the way of life of the family who lived on the boat/fishery.


Cologne Cathedral backdrop


When we experienced the Rhine we were able to take a private tour to the top of Cologne Cathedral.  As we walked through the rafters we were able to step back in time and enjoy history while we experienced the most incredible journey.


Cologne Cathedral


On a river cruise, everything is taken care of for you.  Your meals are presented in one main dining room and enjoyed with your fellow travelers.   The food is exquisite and comparable to a fine dining experience with less pomp and circumstance.   You will also have the opportunity for instance on Viking River Cruises to also eat in a casual dining area similar to a buffet presentation.  Less formal in the aspect that you just choose what you like and sit in the casual dining area.




Beer and Wine with dinner and lunch are included with most lines.  Not limited to one drink you may enjoy several nice glasses of wine or beer with your meals.  Most have a full bar on ship and some lines include it in their packages.


beer viking


Tauck and Scenic both have wine, beer, spirits, coffee, tea, and soft drinks in the packages they offer.


Viking River Cruising


Avalon Waterways, Viking, and Ama have some included like the aforementioned with dinner and lunch.


ankor watt
Iconic Ankor Watt


Different then most ocean cruises, river cruising also includes your excursions so there is no paying extra for those.   They are part of the packages you book.  Some lines like Avalon Waterways have extra excursions you can add into the ones that have been included.


Christmas Markets in Germany


If you are looking for a complete vacation and are ready for a little luxury at a great price point river cruising just may be something you like.  The all inclusive style of this type of travel appeals to many.   Your cost up front are set.  Your luxury hotel onboard is set and you only unpack once.  You will visit many different places and enjoy what each country has to offer.  Travel with Grace and style and enjoy a river cruise.

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Teresa @ Travel with Grace and Style



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