A Journey of Grace through dryness cont,..2

Porta Santa
The door is always open for us

As par for course I have been distracted and my journey is more zigged than zagged and I can never seem to be consistent enough to actually finish something.  It is always like that for me it appears.  The world enters and I have lost sight of the my journey and goal.  So here I find myself months after I opened Mathew Kelly’s book starting over or continuing on day 5 and where I should have been months and months ago.  I truly understand God can make everything anew including me I just pray he helps me on my journey to again begin anew.

church of St Therese Mount Merrion Dublin
My journey through loss remembering my child with prayers

So I find as I reflect on the paralytic Jesus told to rise I am in the company of those whose only thought was the paralytic physical needs.  Like the crowd perhaps I have only been concerned with my own physical needs as I let my own spiritual needs languish.


My reflection continues to the Sabbath and how it would be at the center of the Jewish life.  I often find I myself go to Mass and it is truly the highlight of my week only to find by Wednesday my center is now fading into the background of my daily life.

Ghent Belgium Castle Chapel 

As I continue my reflection for day 5 and the story of the raising of Lazarus from death,  I understand I am blessed.   It is here in this story I find hope.  It is here Jesus raises us all out of the depths of despair, loss, sin, and indifference and offers us all redemption.   My challenge today is what is holding me back from Christ?  What are the obstacles in my own path?

Blessings in Christ,


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