A Guide to River Cruising Christmas Markets in Europe

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One of the most amazing experiences you can have is visiting Europe in the winter.   If you can make it over and around the Holidays it becomes a magical setting filled with the sites and sounds of the holiday.   During to holidays Christmas Markets throughout Europe begin to pop up and one of the favorite destinations is along the Rhine.  My top recommendation to see them is a River Cruise which is a wonderful way to travel.  So I created this simple guide to help you navigate by enjoying a River Cruise to Europe’s Christmas Markets.


Timeframe-The best timing in my personal opinion is right after Thanksgiving when the markets are just beginning and the weather is still amazing.  They are coming into full fall season and not quite into winter weather just yet.   If you book early on some of the lines you can get up to free air from certain select cities.  Keep in mind water levels change all the times and at periods your itinerary may need to be altered but you will still experience the most amazing destinations.

Christmas on the Rhine
Travel with T

River Selection-The best markets during the time are often along the Rhine but the Danube is not to be missed either.  The Rhine is perfectly traveled along during a river cruise and the Christmas Markets you visit are perfectly crafted into your itinerary.  From visiting enchanting places like Strasbourg to sipping Gluewhine in Cologne the Rhine is filled with sites and sounds to please every discerning traveler.

Christmas Markets
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Booking– When booking a river cruise the best time is definitely up to a year in advance.  Sometimes if you are lucky you can get in on a cancellation last minute.  Overall the best pricing and cabin selection is only available the year prior to when you would like to go. Always book with a travel advisor who can help you match your request with the perfect river cruise line.  There is a cruise line to suit every style of traveler.

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Pricing-Your best pricing again comes in a year in advance or more and often when some of the lines are offering their best pricing to include airfare to your destination.  Planning is the way to go on a river cruise.  Viking ships are booked sometimes up to two years in advance.

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Photo by Lisa Fotios

Cruiseline-Each cruise line offers something a little different and geared towards certain travelers.  For instance Uniworld U offers river cruising for a younger demographic with itineraries and excursions that appeal to a younger demographic.  Ama offers a slightly more upscale travel style.  Guest are pampered along the way.  Some itineraries throughout the year offer a hosted wine tasting with a special vintner who is on board.  A travel advisor will help you choose a line that is perfect for your own style.

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So as you can see my short but sweet guides offers you some of the considerations and questions you might have on scheduling your River Cruise.   I would love to help you turn your questions into traveling and assist you in booking your River Cruise.  Please contact me to book your Christmas Vacation perhaps next year.  Experience the Christmas Markets of Europe as you cruise though the Rhine stopping in lovely medieval villages along the way.  There is really no better way to experience Europe’s Christmas Markets.

Please do not hesitate to contact me Teresa@travelwithgraceandstyle.com 

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