Travel with Grace and Style

Welcome my name is Teresa and I am the face behind Travel with Grace and style.  This site is a destination for those seeking a distinctive style of travel.  Where you not only enjoy travel but also enjoy it with a touch of grace and little style.  So sit down have a cup of tea and enjoy some of our destinations as you Travel with Grace and Style.


You are here if you are looking for travel advice on travel in and throughout the world.  You want to not only enjoy the destination but experience it.  Your not interested in a basic hotel, but something that provides a touch of comfort.  It maybe a boutique property or a higher end brand that specializes in service.   I specialize in destinations like Italy, Ireland, and as well as European and Asian River Cruises.    I not only visit the sites and enjoy the  experiences I suggest but often have personal contacts there on the ground to provide a personal level of service.

ancient architecture basilica of san domenico building

Travel with Grace and Style welcomes all those interested in an experience while traveling.   I can help you curate a travel portfolio to experience your travel dreams.

Spring in Europe

Perhaps a journey to visit Melk Abby in Austria here I was on a River Cruise on the Danube.

Travel with Grace and Style is a certain style of travel enjoying life.  It’s a time of purposeful and meaningful travel.   You may enjoy an exceptional hotel in Rome, a river cruise on the Mekong, or perhaps a Safari in Africa, a visit to an obscure holy site in the Czech Republic, or a vacation filled with delight that includes all your family on Saint Lucia.  A distinctive style of travel for a different period of life.


It’s time for meaningful travel and to experience perhaps a faith-based journey or pilgrimage to revive your faith.  Perhaps a private tour of Rome meeting a local guide to explore a faith journey.

The Gunny and the Grandma

Our visit to Ankor Watt in Cambodia


Blessings at the Cliffs of Mohr in Ireland

It’s time to enjoy and discover your own journey with Grace and Style.

So, I hope you enjoy and come back often as I share my passion for traveling with grace and style and learn a little about me as we go.

“The World is a book and those who don’t travel only read one page of it.”  St. Augustine